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Industry Terminology

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Final Engineering Prototype

The final engineering prototype is a representation of what mass production will look like. It’s constructed using common methods in today’s industries, which makes it an important step for any company looking at scaling up their business model! Mass production begins with the final engineering prototype. This is when all previous samples have been tested and improvements made for future units, making it into what’s called “production-intent” or just simply: Mass Production!


Freelancers are individuals that you hire to do specific tasks. They’re not employees, so they can work on multiple projects at once unless contractually committed for exclusive completion of one job until finished with all obligations in regards towards that particular project/firm

Game Business

Game Business is the activity of producing, creating, or developing analog or digital games for profit.

Game Company

A game company is a legal entity formed by a group of individuals to engage in and operate a game business in order to earn profit.

Game Design

Game design is the process of applying art to create games for entertainment or educational purposes. Designers now also apply it in other interactions like gamification where they use elements such as gameplay, mechanics/systems (the rules & objects), player experience; this all leads up towards creating something that players will enjoy playing!

Game Development

Game development is the entire process of creating, developing, and producing either analog games or digital games.

Game Industry

The game industry is a group of companies that are engaged in the business of producing and selling games.

Game Inventor

The game inventor is a person who invents games as an occupation.