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Industry Terminology

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Sourcing is a process that begins when a business identifies its needs and translates these into an expression that speaks directly to suppliers. They then select the best ones, engaging in conversation about what they need with each other until finally reaching an agreement on terms for procuring goods or services through signing contracts- all before any product has been created! Depending on your needs sourcing may also refer to the process of looking for people that possess certain skills that you need for your business.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching is the process of a single coach working with multiple leaders. This type of coaching has evolved alongside increasingly team-oriented workplaces, where teams are becoming more important than ever before because they allow us to work on complex problems that would otherwise take too long or require immense resources just for one person alone (such as hiring an entire department). Team coaches help individuals stretch past their current abilities while also giving others opportunities within delegating tasks so everyone’s responsibilities grow at different rates.

Team Development

Team development is the act of supporting and training a group to work together as one cohesive unit.

Team Leadership

Team leadership is the key to building cohesive and productive work teams. It’s important for both individuals on these types of teams as well, since it helps them achieve their goals more easily by getting input from others in a democratic manner that ensures everyone has an opportunity at least once during every meeting or conversation about what needs to be done next with regards so all can benefit equally from any decisions made moving forward.

Team Management

Team management is an important skill that requires knowledge of how to motivate others, outline objectives for them, and provide feedback. It also entails communicating with your team members effectively so the entire group can work toward similar goals together as well!


Tooling is a crucial component of production that ensures the manufactured products function properly and extend their lifecycle. Tooling will also make for higher quality goods overall due to its importance in ensuring high functioning equipment with fewer errors or malfunctions throughout your entire process.

Toy Business

To Business is the activity of producing, creating, or developing toys for profit.

Toy Company

A toy company is a legal entity formed by a group of individuals to engage in and operate a Toy business for profit.

Toy Concept

Toy concept is the abstract or generic idea of the plaything.

Toy Industry

Toy Industry is a group of companies that are engaged in the business of producing and selling Toys.