Capri Sun Soccer Ball

Terracycle Sports Balls Concept

9 August, 2020

This was a product concept that I developed as an answer to the industrial waste challenge that we are experiencing in the world. In order to develop this product prototype, we partnered with the team at Terracycle in order to quickly gather the materials necessary to produce the prototypes you see above.

We wanted to find out if it is possible to use consumer waste, or even industrial waste to produce sports balls that could then be donated to kids in need. Capitalizing on the fact that there are numerous schools and community organizations running recycling programs, we wanted to explore if could develop a sports ball using materials that could then be collected in those programs. And if so then we would reach out to them to partner with those programs and gather the materials necessary to make the sports balls. These sports balls would then be shipped to low-income communities and countries where receiving a highly durable soccer ball or football could be a “game-changer” for those kids. The schools that collected the materials would then receive a postcard letting them know where their collections ended up.
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