Jackie (Williamson) MacDonald

Ed Gartin brings a level of enthusiasm and passion to his work that is contagious to both his employees and his colleagues

Blair Hall – Purchasing and Logistics Thames & Kosmos

Ed is a highly motivated, highly caffeinated, creative spark who loves “making cool products.” Beyond that, he is also a super helpful, extremely friendly team player who has a unique ability to energize and motivate other people

Serena Fadlun – Inventor

Ed is amazing, and his help is absolutely invaluable. He is incredibly knowledgeable but also very approachable and kind, and he transformed my confused concept into a pitch I can be excited…

Robert Wesley – Inventor

Man! after having a one on one conversation with Ed via Zoom and listening to him on how I should pitch my product, I was convinced Ed is the real deal. He did such a great job pitching my product to me, that I was ready to open

Harris Pazzella – President – Marathon Consulting

Ed is a quintessential go-getter who knows how to get things done. I’ve worked with many client managers, and very few are as effective at identifying the critical path and getting things done. In a team environment, his positive attitude and energy