April Mitchell – Inventor & Founder of 4A’s Creations

Ed is THAT guy everyone should get to know. The combination of his fun, kind, and helpful personality with his knowledge, experience, and creativity is something that just can’t be beat- it is contagious to say the least! He has the ability to help you step up in your creativity and pitching game, as well as dive deeper into gameplay, theme, and trends. A few years ago while pitching to Ed I had the opportunity for ED to pitch my product back to me- it was eye-opening and truly a pivotal moment in my inventing/product development career. I know for a fact that what Ed taught me set me up for success and is one of the reasons I have licensed four concepts in the last six months. As the head of inventor Relations, Ed gave me great feedback on my concepts as well as encouragement to find my place in the toy/game industry. I am truly grateful to have Ed as a mentor and friend. I highly recommend working with Ed in any capacity if you ever have an opportunity to do so.