Blair Hall – Purchasing and Logistics Thames & Kosmos

Ed is a highly motivated, highly caffeinated, creative spark who loves “making cool products.” Beyond that, he is also a super helpful, extremely friendly team player who has a unique ability to energize and motivate other people on the team to achieve the company’s goals. He has a magnetic personality that makes you want to work harder and be a part of anything he is working on. At times you may think his ideas are a bit overly optimistic but you know that if you are on a team with Ed, you’re going to get the project done and enjoy every step. Whether he was collaborating with the Technical Support Team to achieve resolutions of quality issues using his vast technical knowledge of manufacturing methods or working with the sales team to deliver product content and pitches that wowed our customers. Ed was always working hard to make sure that Thames & Kosmos was operating at its highest level, and that we were making great products. His passion, knowledge, and abilities to raise the bar in almost any product development category would be an asset to any company lucky enough to hire him, and I would highly recommend you do so.