Jackie (Williamson) MacDonald

Ed Gartin brings a level of enthusiasm and passion to his work that is contagious to both his employees and his colleagues. He is a lifelong learner who is constantly striving to bring the best and latest innovations into his department to the benefit of our company. Most recently, he has undertaken the renovation of our company packaging design – No small task as the new look will be the new face of the company to all of its accounts and customers.

Most recently, and on top of all of his other responsibilities, Ed has successfully managed the creation of an E-commerce website that has already proven itself to be a new source of profit for SwimWays and a fantastic marketing tool, as well.

Ed is a force to be reckoned with in our company and has been honored by many different internal and external awards highlighting his accomplishments. I think his biggest award, however, comes from the successes of those whom he mentors, his employees. He expects nothing less than the best from himself and from those around him and has garnered the respect and appreciation of the entire company. It is without hesitation that I give him my full recommendation.